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Products and Solutions for Individuals and Businesses who want to get more sales from their existing clients and attract new clients using mobile technologies and automated follow up systems
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Capture, Connect, and Create More Sales with our Magic
Business Card System
What do you do with the business cards you collect from people?
Rubber band them & sit them on your desk?
Wait till you have time to “Follow Up” with them?
What if there was a way to Capture your prospects info without having to get their business
cards, Connect without having to chase them, & Close more sales by creating more time to spend
prospecting for new clients?
There is a way and we have it: Try it out for yourself!
Our Magic Business Card System Does all of the above in 3 Simple Steps
Step #1 - Text or QR Scan your name and email:

Option 1: Text your name and email to 858-348-4196  

Option 2: Scan QR Code 

Replace the text with your name and email to experience the magic firsthand! Select the text, delete the message, replace the text with your name and email hit send. Then watch the magic!

Step #2  – Wait less than 30 seconds, check your text. Wait about a minute & check your voice mail and email. Our unique muti-channel system automatically Connects with your prospects 3 times in the first 5 minutes! First by Text, Second by Direct to Voicemail (the system goes direct to voicemail not allowing an answer, creating curiosity) & Third by email. Most importantly our system will continue to automatically follow up with each new prospect every month till they buy, they refer someone who buys or they unsubscribe. In any event you win!
According to an MIT study you are 22 times more likely to make a sale with a new prospect when you follow up with them with in the first hour of meeting them.
Step #3 -  Realize your efforts can now be focused on prospecting for new Clients while our system continues to automatically follow up for you, month after month, thus Creating More Sales!  No more chasing people that are not interested. The best news of all… once someone is ready to hear more about your offer they will contact you!
When you are ready to implement this amazing automated Capture, Connect & Create More Sales system simply follow the directions on the text and we will help you Capture more leads, Connect with more real prospects and Create more sales, which will definitely produce more Profitable Results for your business!